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Through our research we established the brand attributes of ‘Vibrant & Versatile’ as our key design reference. We identified we would be more successful in unifying the range and connecting to current Kingfisher products if we could reduce and simplify the number of elements in the existing design.

The chosen concept incorporates graphically drawn fish (tomatoes and sunflowers where relevant); a vibrant two-colour scheme reflecting the fresh, nutritional produce tinned at source; and the tides and currents of the plentiful North Pacific Ocean pin-pointed in the background providing life, movement and energy. Designs were fulfilled through to production ready artwork along with secondary packaging.

The Solution

The task was to update the packaging for a range of seven tinned fish products. There should be a clear brand identity across the range reflecting premium produce with a relationship to existing Kingfisher products, namely the oriental range.

The Brief

Kingfisher Food Packaging



Headmasters Campaign

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